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All Leoline cushion floors are designed to provide your home with fabulous performance every day. Available in different widths to suit various room sizes, the performance of your Leoline floor depends on its specification. Use this handy guide to make an educated selection based upon your requirements.

Collection Wear Suitability TOG Slip Sound Backing Protection
The Elite Collection
Stonemark 15 year Heavy Domestic 0.21 R10 17dB Powerback Superguard
Quartz Pro PU 15 year Commercial General 0.16 R10 13dB Powerback Superguard
The Privilege Collection
Luxury Woods 10 year General Domestic 0.36 R10 20dB Compact -
Luxury Trends 10 year General Domestic 0.36 R10 20dB Compact -
Woodmark 10 year Heavy Domestic 0.29 R10 16dB Compact Superguard
Tile Styles 10 year Heavy Domestic 0.30 R10 17dB Compact Superguard
Supercomforts 10 year General Domestic 0.47 R10 21dB Compact Super Acoustic
The Family Collection
Comfortz XL 7 year Moderate Domestic 0.35 R10 21dB Thermo Super Acoustic
Changing Roomz 7 year Moderate Domestic 0.26 R10 18dB Thermo -

What it means

Powerback: Powerback floors provide excellent impact resistance, reducing high-heel indentation
Luxatex: Easier fitting, energy conservation and better sound insulation
Compact: Compact floors offer excellent insulation and noise reduction
Thermoback: Thermoback floors offer improved underfoot comfort and warmth
Superguard: Extra protection against stains and scuffmarks
Super Acoustic: Increased sound insulation